America Online, Maynard, MA (1/00 - present)
Systems Architect: Architect on portions of AOL game client software (C, C++, PlayStation 2)

iCast, Woburn, MA (7/99 - 1/00)
Architect: Architect and technical lead on multimedia Internet client application (C++, ATL, WinNT, Win9x)

Foxboro Co., Foxboro, MA (4/99 - 7/99)
Software Consultant (contract): Contributor to client/server industrial automation system. (C++, MFC, WinNT, OODMBS).

Assurance Medical, Hopkinton, MA (11/98 - 2/99)
Software Consultant (contract): Architect, lead developer of software for a breast cancer detection and monitoring device. (C++, MFC, DAO,Win32).

Syngress Media, Norwell, MA (5/98 - 10/98)
Software Consultant (contract): Designed and implemented certification test simulation software, and accompanying authoring tool. The runtime is implemented in JavaScript, and a Java applet for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.0. The authoring tool is a C++ MFC application which imports formatted text, and generates HTML pages for distribution. (JavaScript, Java, HTML, C++, MFC)

Thermo Environmental Instruments, Franklin, MA (4/98 - 9/98)
Software Consultant (contract): Architect, project lead, and primary developer of software for management of pollution monitoring data, including graphical and mathematical analysis via custom scripting language. Implemented bug fixes and improvements to existing Windows program for displaying and managing point source data. Mentor to three developers learning Windows programming. (C++, OWL, MFC, DDE, Win16 and Win32).

Powersoft/Sybase, Concord, MA (1/97 - 3/98)
Senior Software Engineer: Architect and lead developer of the "Development Management" portion of Powersite 1.0, a web application development system targeted at Enterprise-wide programming teams. The Development Management module provides multiple views onto a single web project, and implements the user interface for organizing, and versioning project files. (C++, MFC, COM, OLE, ODBC, SQL, Win32).

America Online, Needham, MA (10/95 - 12/96)
Principal Engineer: Architected and implemented an interface to AOL's proprietary web browser to support Netscape plugins. Architected and implemented a C++ cooperative multitasking system on Win16. Enhanced portions of the image rendering code. (C++, MFC, Win16, Win32).

Microsoft, Redmond, WA (9/94 - 10/95)
Software Development Engineer: Member of Outlook 1.0 development team: implemented the "sticky notes" feature. Architected and developed the initial implementation of Exchange client extension suport. (Visual C++, MFC, COM, OLE Automation, MAPI, Win32),

Databook, Ithaca, NY (2/94 - 9/94)
Senior Software Engineer: Responsible for enhancing all aspects of Databook's PCMCIA software- Socket Services and Card Services, the CardTalk Super Client driver, and Install programs. Ported Socket Services driver to new parallel port controller chip. Contributed to inhouse source code and version control standards. (x86 Assembler, C++)

Interleaf, Inc., Waltham, MA (7/90 - 2/94)
Project Lead, Macintosh: Managed several engineers in designing and developing a Macintosh-native user interface on top of Interleaf core code.
Technical Lead, Windows/NT: Established the Windows/NT development environment; managed source code migration of nearly 10,000 files from UNIX to Windows/NT. (C, Windows/NT, Perl, UNIX).
Senior Engineer, DOS: Lead Engineer on DOS porting project. Assisted with project management. Ported significant portions of the Interleaf application and approximately 40 file conversion and print filters from UNIX to 32-bit extended DOS. Designed the user interface and programming API for the printer configuration utility. (C, LISP, 80386 assembler, under UNIX cross-development environment).

Phoenix Technologies, Inc., Norwood, MA (4/89 - 7/90)
Senior Engineer: Project Lead for PC/AT compatible laptop chipset. Contributed to the design of Phoenix' generic laptop power management architecture. Developed and customized BIOS products for various 386SX laptop and notebook computers and 386DX desktop systems. Wrote BIOS compatibility test software for QA use. Engineering representative on marketing trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan. (C, 80x86 assembler, in-circuit emulators, logic analyzers).

EG&G Biomolecular, Natick, MA (12/86 - 4/89)
Software Engineer: Principal developer of a file management and graphical analysis software package for DNA sequence data. Designed and implemented an object-oriented data file module. Modified embedded software in data acquisition instrument. (C, 8086 and 68000 assembler, dBase/Clipper).

Neil Brown Instrument Systems, Cataumet, MA (2/83 - 11/84)
Programmer: Customized and maintained embedded real-time data acquisition software for oceanographic equipment, primarily writing and modifying device drivers for specialized sensors and data logging units. Designed and implemented software for data analysis and presentation. Designed and prototyped printed circuit boards. (8085 assembler, PL/M, HP BASIC, ICE's, logic analyzers).

Ocean Research Equipment, Falmouth, MA (9/79 - 9/81)
Programmer: Implemented real-time multitasking data acquisition software (including device drivers and diagnostic routines) for sonar based oceanographic and flow-measurement instruments (FORTRAN, Z/80 and Data General Nova assembler, ICE's).
Technical Editor: Produced technical manuals: responsibilities included writing and editing, coordinating photography and reproduction, and inventory control.

Other Freelance and Consulting

Author, "Notebook PCs Set the Portable Standard"; Byte Magazine, 1991 IBM Special Edition.

Technical Editor:  

Contributor, "A System for On-Line Detection and Resolution of Radio labeled DNA Molecules and its Application to Automated DNA Sequence Analysis"; BioTechniques Vol. 7, No. 8 (1989).

Customized PCMCIA boot manager for FTL flash ram cards.

Completed PCMCIA Card Services driver to pass EXCA industry standard software verification tests.

Designed, implemented and documented power management software for 386SL BIOS. Reviewed and critiqued DOS/BIOS power management interface specifications (80386 assembler).

Participated in developing several database applications (dBase, Clipper).

Designed and developed PDP-8 subset simulator to support college computer science class based on the textbook "Computer System Architecture," M. Morris Mano (C on VAX/VMS).



University of Massachusetts,  North Dartmouth, MA

1986 B.S. Computer Science cum laude (3.3/4.0 overall). Specialization in digital logic design and computer architecture. Graded and/or tutored several computer science courses. Member of the University's Computer User's Committee and Academic Computing Services Steering Committee.